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Medical Escort  | Companionship

Elderly in wheelchair at clinic taiping
escort service in Taiping
Companion to grocery shopping Taiping

We understand the difficulty for a senior to attend to doctor's appointment.

Forget about the hassle for transport and language barrier with healthcare professionals. 

Not only doctor's appointment, but we do accompany the elderly for their daily living eg, grocery shopping, running errands in bank, having a meal. 

Companionship care is focus on providing company and friendship, rather than high levels of personal care. 

Your loved one deserves to enjoy their retirement life with independence, freedom and dignity.
The best companionship care for elderly in Taiping is now available!

How it works?

What we do?


Pick up from home

Seniora Buddy will pick seniors up from the doorstep. Assist your loved one no matter they're in walking frame or wheelchair.  


Collect medication

Collect medication from pharmacy and pay for the bill ion behalf (as necessary). 

Let your loved one take a rest and relax.


Attend to appointments

Accompany your loved one into the consultation room and get the necessary information from doctor. 


Home sweet home

Send them home right at the doorstep. 

Ready with report and update the family members within 6 hours. 



Seniora Buddy will take your loved one out for grocery shopping, a meal, bank, exercise in lake garden or anything that is preferred. 


Weekly Visit

House visit once or twice per week to make sure they're doing well at home.  


Companionship at home

Chatting, playing board games, watching tv or doing some gardening together. 


Home Management

Help to pay for utilities bill, sorting out mails and guide them on video calls/ WhatsApp to stay connected with family. 

         Fares and Rates
Within Taiping                                       RM35/hour*
Within Ipoh                                            RM45/hour*
Taiping to Ipoh/Penang                      RM33
0/5 hours*

subsequent hour at RM30/hour
minimum 2 hours
minimum 2 hours
*Price include companionship, transport, toll and parking fees
Additional RM15 per hour on Sunday and Public Holiday
Hospita errands

More Helps Needed?

Yes, we hear you!
Refer to the list below for additional errands

Hospital Admission
- includes vital sign assessment, transport from house, registration 

Hospital Discharge
- includes medication collection, bill payment, new appointment date with referral letter & transport

Medication/Prescription Refill

Transportation only (Within Taiping)

Any errands that required visit to the Hospital 
- eg, Referral letter collection, change appointment date, get new prescription

RM 70



RM50/round trip


Thank you for the great service. It is a big help for my parents and gives us some peace of mind knowing there is someone to help them.

So far we have requested accompaniment for grocery shopping and other errands. Very efficient, helpful and cheerful all the way. Thanks!

Rema, Singapore

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