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What We Do

We're passionate to make seniors' life AWESOME like yours!

Seniora assemble a team of healthcare professionals to help seniors restoring their independency and health after illness.
We provide a range of best home care services to your doorstep. in Taiping Perak

Doctor's Appointment / Medical Escort

pushing an elderly on wheelchair

Don't let your loved one confuse and helpless when getting treatment!

▪  Pick up and drop off at the doorstep

▪  Assist and company during the entire visiting process.

▪  Real time update and summary report to the caretaker

Elderly enjoy in Conversation


More than a companion, it's an emotional support!

▪  Hearty conversation

▪  A walk in Lake Garden

▪  Simple technology lesson

▪  Festival celebration and more. 

Sensory Stimulation Activity

Signs of ageing, especially on memory?
Join the activity to stimulate the brain and prevent deterioration!

▪  It's like playing class for the elderly

▪  Suitable for dementia patient or any elderly who has nothing to do at home
▪  Stimulate 5 senses: smell, touch, sight, hear & taste

▪  Lastly: Stay socially active and make friends!

Elderly playing chess
Taking a Shower

Personal Care

Short hours care for short term and long term are available!

▪  Bathing / sponging body

▪  Changing diapers
▪  Personal hygiene 

▪  Simple exercise

▪  Feeding 

Home Nursing

Professional services to your doorstep, reduce the hassle of traveling!

▪  Wound Care

▪  House Check In

▪  Ryle's' Tube Feeding
▪  Catheter Care
▪  Stoma Care

▪  Ventilator Care

▪  Blood taking for blood test

Nurse care for a Senior Patient with Walker

Home Physiotherapy

Rehabilitation to help you back on track!

▪  Neurological Rehab

   Stroke, Parkinson's Disease, Spinal Injury

▪  Musculoskeletal Rehab

    Slipped disc, Back pain, Knee pain

▪  Postoperative Rehab

▪  Pain Management

▪  Elderly Rehab

Hospital bed and oxygen concentrator

Medical Equipment Rental 

Why don't rent at an affordable price rather than buying one?

▪  Hospital Bed

▪  Oxygen Concentrator

▪  Suction Machine

▪  Wheelchair 

Not Sure What kind of Care you need?

Multidiscipline healthcare professional are ready to help you out!

Call us now for free consultation

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