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Our Story

We believe seniors have the right to take control of their life.

The idea of Seniora arose when I witnessed my beloved landlady in New Zealand having to leave her quality, independent and self-sustained life behind after she suffered from a serious ankle sprain.

Her children could not but give her a choice between a nursing home or her children’s home in another city. With both losing her freedom and independence.


When she was really upset about it, her wish to live at home was granted. The New Zealand government promise to send a caregiver to assist her in her daily life.

Unfortunately, Malaysians have no such privilege. Recognizing this is a difficulty faced by most Malaysian seniors, we are inspired to help the seniors living happily and comfortably at home.

                                         Be your life buddy //


                                                                              —— Chew Siew Mei, founder of Seniora 活伴

Seniora was founded in June 2021

shop front of home care service Taiping

We strongly believe that seniors need a
Buddy  a.k.a care partner who give them
a sense of hope and accomplishment,
instead of caregivers.

Meet The Team

Founder Pharmacist

Chew Siew Mei

Founder | Pharmacist

Seniora Logo

Siti Azliza

Chief Nurse

Chief Physiotherapist

Loo Ivon

Chief Physiotherapist

Game of Chess

Why Seniora?

We prioritize the WILL and DESIRE of the seniors. We truly understand the struggles of the children to figure out the best retirement plan for their aging parents.

This is where we play a significant role: helping your loved one to live happily and comfortably while easing your problem and worry at the same time.

Calculating Budget

Our Mission

Our mission is to ensure the safety, comfort, and well-being of senior citizens living in Malaysia, to help them maintain their independence and fulfill their desire to remain living at home.

Our Partners

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