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Home Nursing

We have the best home care nurse in Taiping Perak.
Saving travel to and from hospitals and receive care from registered nurse comfortably at home.  

Hire a professional nurse from Seniora Professional team, attend to your loved one to assist in more complex healthcare conditions. 
We cover Kuala Kangsar, Ipoh, Bagan Serai, Penang and Sungai Petani Kedah.  

Senior Patient

Accessibility, affordability and quality of healthcare are keys to preserve and improve people's health"

Nurse doing wound care

Care Consultation

Having a professional nurse to visit your families to assess on patient status and perform simple procedure like changing of feeding tube.

Catheter&Stoma Care

Having best practitioning nurse to assist in management of continence and stoma bag, including changing of Foley catheter and stoma bag

Wound Care

Wound need to be taken care off regularly to ensure there is no debris or infection that will delay healing. 

Arrange our nurse to assist in basic wound care to promote fast healing!

Ventilator Care

We have experience nurses from hospital to assist in managing phlegm suction and tracheostomy care.


Having procedure done safely at your home.

Coverage Area:
Taiping, Simpang, Kamunting, Kuala Kangsar, Trong, Matang, Kuala Sepetang, Padang Rengas, Batu Kurau

Home wound care service Taiping
Seniora Wound Care Pricing

Home Nursing
Fares and Rates

*except wound care

1 session          RM   80
5 sessions       RM 375
10 sessions     RM 700

Frequent Ask Questions

  • How do I begin with the nurse/physiotherapy/dietitian hiring process?​

    • Step 1 : Contact Care Coordinator via the chat (Facebook or WhatsApp). Care Coordinator will work through with you on how Seniora Pro Team can help.​

    • Step 2 : Together we will develop a care plan that personally tailored to the patient, addressing and responsive to specific problems and goals.

    • Step 3 : The services required will be delivered on the days and at the time most convenient to you!

  • Will the visiting nurse provide all the required products (eg: dressing, wound gel, cream and etc) during the visit?

    • Seniora Nurse will attend to your house with their basic PPEs and Basic Dressing set. Please let us know If you are having any further products, materials that need Seniora Nurse to apply or use during the services while discussing the care plan with Care Coordinator.

    • You may inform let us know too if you wish to get our help to order any products for you (eg: Tracheostomy Tube, Feeding Tube and etc).

  • What should I expect before Healthcare Professional visiting?

    • Upon confirming the assigned Healthcare Professional, he/she will contact you to confirm the time of visit, address, details of visiting like who to greet, how to enter the compound (if you are staying in high rise properties or guarded communities) and etc.

    •  Please secure your pets if there are any in the your home.

    • Healthcare Professional will visit you with basic equipment/supplies that is necessary for the services only, please let us know if you need our help to purchase and bring over any special request products or supplies. 

    • Upon arriving at your home, attending Healthcare Professional will explain to you the procedure/activities that he/she will be performing. Please sign the Consent Form provided only if you had all your questions answered to your satisfaction. 

    • After the procedure and Healthcare Professional leaving, you may leave your comments or rating via our hotline at 011-28992968 or our chat to leave your comments.

  • Are the persons attending to us qualify?

                Yes, they are registered with the specific Government authority such as Malaysian Nursing Board,                       Malaysians Allied Health Professions Council & Malaysian Dietitians' Association etc. with annual practicing certificate. 

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