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Updated: Mar 2

As our parents age and become dependent on daily living, it is unavoidable that we need to send our parents to the nursing home or old folks’ home to receive the best care and supervision.

We list out the 10 best nursing home and old folks’ home in Taiping, Perak according to the legal licensing, recommendations from locals and past users.

P.S: The list below is not in particular order. (NOT A RANKING)

An elderly walking with caregiver

1/ Pusat Jagaan LC

No. Pendaftaran : A/PJB WT 026/2022

It is operated since year 2018 near Assam Kumbang (Opposite the Siam Buddhist Temple).

It is a residential type nursing home with 3-4 rooms and with 4-5 elderly in each room.

Pusat Jagaan LC Taiping

Address: No. 72, Jalan Muzaffar Shah, Taiping, 34000 Larut Matang & Selama, Perak.

Contact: 012-5073505, 011-10561474, 011-10561469

Pricing: $

2/ Pusat Jagaan Warga Tua KP

No. Pendaftaran : A/PJB WT 003/2022

Pusat Jagaan Warga Tua KP is a small scare long term care facility.

It is located in Kota Jaya, Simpang, suitable for those who stay around Simpang to visit your parents conveniently.

Pusat Jagaan Warga Tua KP Taiping

Address: No. 734, Lorong 16, Taman Kota Jaya, Simpang, 34700 Perak.

Contact: 05-8476766

Pricing: $

3/ Global Village Care Centre

No. Pendaftaran : A/PJB WT 070/2021

Global Village Care Centre has 3 branches in Taiping, HQ at Assam Kumbang, one at Kampung Boyan and the latest one at Jalan Batai (Opposite Hua Lian 1 and 2). All 3 branches are residential house with outdoor garden and space for elderly to move about.

There are different room types: 4-5 persons room, 3 persons room, 2 persons room and single room. And of couse the price varies according to the room type.

Global Village Care Center Taiping
HQ, Assam Kumbang

Global Village Care Center Taiping
Kampung Boyan Branch

Gobal Village Care Center Taiping
Jalan Batai Branch

HQ Address: No. 12, Lorong 4, Taman Pegawai Kanan Kerajaan, Taiping, 34000, Perak.

Contact: 012-5236257, 016-8431675

4/ Recovering Home

No. Pendaftaran : A/PJB WT 035/2018

Recovering Home consists of 2 shop lots with open space layout.

The activity area is relatively small, suitable for elderly who need high level of care.

Recovering Home Taiping

Address: No. 22A, Jalan TBC 3, Taiping Business Centre ,Taiping ,34000 Perak.

Contact: 012-5380719, 011-55256633

Pricing: $$

The nursing home list below are not registered with Jabatan Kebajikan Malaysia. Meaning that they’re not under the surveillance of authority.

5/ St. John Ambulance Malaysia Nursing Home, Taiping

St John Ambulance Nursing Home is located near to Lake Garden.

It owns a huge land with 2 buildings, one for the male residents and one for the female residents.

It has a huge grass land for the residents to move about in the evening to take in some fresh air. However, please check on the crowds.

St John Nursing Home Taiping

Address: Lot 1019, Jln. Lumba Kuda, 34000 Taiping, Perak

Contact: 05-8067844

6/ Doris Nursing Home

Doris Nursing Home Taiping

Address: 7935, Lorong 1, Kampung Boyan, 34000 Taiping, Perak

Contact: 012-503 9542

7/ Raintown Golden Home

It is located in a Taman opposite Taiping Vista Hill. The environment is quiet and peaceful but the beds are crowded.

Raintown Golden Home Kamunting

Address: 6695, Regat Damai, Kampung Klian Pauh Baru, 34000 Taiping, Perak

Contact: 016-727 4777

8/ Endah Kasih Ekis Gold

It is located Opposite Columbia Hospital Taiping, at the corner lot bungalow house. The price varies according to room type, suitable for elderly who needs privacy.

Endah Kasih ekis Gold Taiping

Address: Lot 2905, Jalan Istana Larut, 34000 Taiping, Perak Contact: 05-804 1145

9/ Taiping Care Center

Located at Aulong, Taiping. The price is economical, do enquire them if you have any financial difficulty!

Taiping Care Center Taiping

Address: 841, Jalan Sultan, Kampung Baru Aulong, 34000 Taiping, Perak

Contact: 05-807 2266

Pricing: $

Once again, remember to visit the facilities, check their services, and review their reputation before making a decision. Do not hesitate to contact us for the best home physiotherapy and home nursing service in Taiping, we do attend to nursing home!

If you decided to take care of your parents at home, contact us for free consultation on how to recover them in short time. Call: +6011-28992968

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Home Physiotherapy Taiping

Dementia Care Taiping

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