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Is the nursing home or old folks’ home legal and registered?

Updated: Aug 14, 2023

Caregiver serving meal to elderly

How to know if the nursing home or old folks’ home is legal and registered? Always ensure that the nursing home or old folks' home you are considering provides a safe and caring environment for the elderly residents. Choosing a registered facility will give you added assurance that it meets the necessary standards and has undergone the required inspections and audits by government agencies.

To verify if a nursing home or old folks' home is legal and registered in Malaysia, you can follow these steps: Step 1,

Step 2,

Choose ‘Perkhidmatan’ and click on ‘Warga Emas’.

Wedsite of Jabatan Kebajikan Malaysia

Step 3,

Choose ‘Senarai Pusat Jagaan’

List of nursing home Malaysia

Step 4,

Key in the “State – Negeri” and “Daerah” that you’re looking for.

List of nursing home Malaysia

Now, a list of registered nursing home is appeared on the screen. Choose it wisely and most importantly, please VISIT TO THE FACILITY before making up your mind! If you opt for more ideas on how to take care of your aged parents, contact us for free consultation +6011-28992968 or visit our website

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