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Guiding Your Career As A Malaysian Physiotherapist : My Expedition from Kedah to Taiping

Physiotherapist is training balance of elderly patiet

Imagine leaving  a familiar city to a strange city!Let’s journey with me, a physiotherapist who made this exciting move.

Born and raised in Kedah for 28 years, I was nurtured in a traditional family that emphasized the importance of pursuing a meaningful professional career.

But why physiotherapist?Alright, let’s start from 2012 then. In 2012, my mom had a severe pain over lower back and numbness over leg. After consulted orthopedic specialist, she was referred to a physiotherapistAlthough physiotherapy was not a very popular concept at the time, my mother once consulted with a physiotherapist and was helped on the spot.

On such a visit, the physiotherapist would first assess the condition that led to the referral using the physiotherapy assessment tools. They may also give you some forms of physical tests to determine your muscles strength, flexibility or even your posture and the angle of your joint. Miraculously, there was a sense of a relief from the first session.

Thus, I decided to pursued my further study in physiotherapy course in a local university. After completing education, I was attached to a private physiotherapy centre which located in Kedah for 7 years. I gained a lot of valuable experience as well as skills in my working years.

Feeling ready for a change, I packed my bags to Taiping. In the beginning, I was not used to it in a new and unfamiliar environment. At first, I was not comfortable with it in a new environment that I had never been in before. What was fascinating was the new experience of seeing different things with different sounds and smells as compared in Kedah. But one thing Taiping is a blend of different cultures that makes it unique. I said yes to diversity, it made me enjoy the new foods and find new friends.

The rhythm of Taiping life may differ from Kedah, but its unique features are historical and relaxed scenery. During my spare time, I enjoyed tours around the Taiping Lake Gardens.

A Day in a Life of a Physiotherapist

Physiotherapist will assess patient first before proceed to treatment

Having a career as a Malaysian Physiotherapist,I would be expected to speak with patients, carry out physical examinations, invent treatment plans and supervise any rehabilitation therapy programs. In my time off, I enjoyed to unwind by being active, which for  meant to play sports or simply spending time with loved ones. Taiping is a place of peace for my post work to chill. I will attend conferences, workshops and online courses to stay current with the newest updates in physiotherapy in order to provide top level of care to my patients.

Leaving Kedah and moving to Taiping was not just the change of location, it was an opportunity to grow.Taiping’s rich cultures seemed like a projection of its identity and its ability to balance tradition and change was appealing to me.

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